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The entrepreneurial journey is a long and winding road with many ups and downs. As an entrepreneur, you are expected to be in every place at once, extinguish any fire along the road, keeping customers happy and employees motivated – all the while keeping a view on the general strategic direction. 


The day-to-day can be hectic enough to keep you busy 24/7, and then you're still expected to calculate the right metrics, do a cash forecast, draft a new budget, calculate some different scenarios or check the accounting to make sure you're not steering blindly. On top of that, growing companies are often confronted with attracting bank financing, fundraising with VCs or PEs, attracting subsidies or conducting an M&A transaction. 


That is where Ventureleap comes in. We are your strategic partner along your entrepreneurial journey. Yes, strategic, not just financial. Of course, we take care of your reporting, cash forecasting, budgets and metrics. But we also act as a sounding board for the management. Having seen at first-hand what works and what doesn't at your peers, we can discuss about matters that go beyond finance. Moreover, we have a broad network of bankers, lawyers and investors to which we're happy to introduce you. 


We're in your corner, from foundation to exit.

Our team

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Focused on tech and growth companies

I started my career within the corporate finance departments of PwC and BNP Paribas Fortis where I learned the ropes of M&A and was exposed to a variety of different international transactions in multiple sectors.

After, I made the move to a one-man corporate finance house where I immediately gained more responsibility on carrying large parts of M&A processes and on developing the organisation. During my time at the Capital Link, we successfully closed more than twenty transactions in multiple sectors and exceeding a deal value of €500M. Moreover, we grew the company to a leading M&A Boutique with a team of 7 professionals.

In 2020 I started my own entrepreneurial journey focussing on strategic financial advice for technology companies. I’ve been active as a CFO or fundraise advisor for Myskillcamp, WeGroup, Bullswap, Nobi and WMW - fast-growing tech companies for which I’ve been involved in raising about €30M capital.

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