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  • More important than looking at the past is looking at the future, how do we expect revenue to evolve based on recent proof points, who do we need to hire, what will be the effect on runway? Ventureleap provides answers

  • Ventureleap works closely with your accountant and finance team to provide insightful monthly reports


  • As an entrepreneur it is key to keep track of your most important metrics like MRR, churn and runway.

  • Ventureleap supports the entrepreneur and enables quantitative decision-making by drafting dynamic business plans and different scenarios

  • There are moments when an entrepreneur is in need of a sounding board to discuss strategic decisions. These topics can be as broad as finding a winning go-to-market model to drafting a strategy for internationalisation


  • Ventureleap makes sure to take away this burden by structuring an efficient process, whether you want to attract bank financing, subsidies, venture debt or external capital


  • Bridging the valley of death requires significant funding, and raising this funding requires tremendous effort on top of daily struggles

  • From start to finish, Ventureleap will stay by your side to achieve the best deal

  • Sooner or later, every entrepreneur is faced with M&A opportunities: accelerating growth by acquiring a competitor, passing on your legacy to the next generation or reaping the rewards from years of hard work through an exit


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